Changing demands on catering for the elderly

  Many elderly people associate moving to a retirement home with the loss of independence. This means they put off the step for as long as possible. Thanks to offers such as meals on wheels and home care services, they can stay longer in their familiar environment – as long as they are still mobile.

If it goes on like this, kitchens will be closed.

  In every sector, everyone is talking about the skills shortage. This is also very much the case in the gastronomy and catering sector. The trade magazine Catering Management justifiably proposed in its April 2019 issue that the scarcity of trained personnel should be voted the “gastronomy (un)word of the year – or rather the decade”.

“An oasis of communal catering”: from food distributor to service provider

  Communal catering has its roots in the need to feed a large number of people at one location at the same time. This is different today. Although the aim of satisfying a great many people remains the same, the focus is no longer on merely consuming nutrition but on providing catering at a high level: quality over quantity.